Monday, February 10, 2020

Team resource management in aviation industry Essay - 1

Team resource management in aviation industry - Essay Example nce, to combat that crucial situation, the industry has ventured into various concepts such as Cockpit Resource Management (CRM), Crew Resource Management (CRM) and now Team Resource Management (TRM) to enhance the safety of the aircraft and the passengers. Therefore, this project study, Team Resource Management in the Aviation Industry is proposed to identify challenges and constraints in TRM after analysing its various elements. In the aviation industry, teamwork is one of the vital factors in sustaining and enhancing the safety and effectiveness in Air travel. After the success of CRM in aviation over the past decades, TRM has emerged as an improved version for managing the available resources for the operating personnel including pilots, Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) and crew members. The study analyses the elements of the TRM concepts in aviation management. The study will also look at TRM training and its most important factors. The significance of TRM in flight management as well as its effectiveness on the flight crew members to provide safety and be less error prone will be identified. Common problems in flight management will be unveiled in the study as well as solutions to identified problems. Various air accidents and incidents will be quoted and discussed to make the focus very candid. Since TRM is considered one of the best strategies, all available resources are utilised to the optimum level c arefully and properly to accomplish the safety of the aircraft and the passengers Team Resource Management (TRM) is a  set of training procedures and techniques for use in environments where human error can have devastating effects. Used primarily for improving air safety, TRM focuses on interpersonal communication, leadership and decision making in the cockpit, in addition to other elements of human factors (SkyBrary). According to the Irish Aviation Authority, TRM is a philosophy, which helps to realise that human beings are error prone.It not only helps

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