Thursday, January 30, 2020

Benefits of the European Union Essay Example for Free

Benefits of the European Union Essay The European Union is an organization of democratic European countries based on the idea of committing to working together for peace and prosperity. In the recent years the Union is considered to be one of the most strongest and most influential organisation in the world. Therefore all questions related to this are become questions with significant matter. In this essay I shall be firstly define my academic subject with presenting a short rà ©sumà © of the history of the European Union followed by an explanation of its main benefits and why they are so important. In order to support my arguments I shall use reliable sources and materials, whose authors are regarded as trustworthy on the European Union issues. In my conclusion I’ll summarise the main advantages of the European union and I’ll explain why every one of us should be interested in this subject. Identifing   myself as a part of the Union and conduct from the heart of the european idea,I shall strongly backing my position that the European Union is the only future for Europe. The European Union is a unique legal system which, following the most recent expansion of 1st January 2007, comprises almost 489 million people within 27 States with diverse legal traditions. Any further enlargements would bring the EU’s population to over half a billion people, (more than the USA and Japan combined). The main idea of creating an integrated Union was conceived before 50 years as a way to prevent destruction and to maintain peace within Europe.   The general aim of the European Union is an economic and political progress and to realize a common foreign and security policy, to stabilize the protection of the rights and interests of the member states, and to develop close cooperation on justice and home affairs (Politics in the EU, p.90). All European Union decisions and procedures are based on the Treaties, which are agreed by all the EU countries. This is one of the main democratic characteristics on the Union. The core of the Union, which is the single market, consists the main benefits and advantages that European Union can offer to its citizen. From 1 January 1993 the European Community formally became a Single Market without internal frontiers. What does this actually means? This means that people, goods, services and capital will be able to move around as freely as within one country. (EU Law 2006, p.369).   Its creation was one of the main objectives of the original Rome of Treaty (1957). These four freedoms of movement are underpinned by a range of supporting policies and they are the engine of the single market. Consequently many standards have been harmonized for hundreds of products, producing a level playing field for manufacturers across the EU, regardless of where they are based.  Moreover the process of harmonization of goods produced in one country of the Single Market by all the others means that if this product is high quality to be sold in one member state, it cannot be excluded from sale in another.   The overall effect has been to turn the EU into a huge â€Å"domestic† market for all citizens.

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